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by Antoinette Ensbey     Illustrated by Jeremy Reed


"CORAL by local author Antoinette Ensbey is a lovely little novel set in the Great Barrier Reef. The book tells the exciting story of the rescue of the reef.
CORAL is at once entertaining and informative, creating awareness for ocean life, and connecting us to vulnerable environments like the coral gardens of the reef." ~ Bangalow Designers' Market

Hotspot Great Barrier Reef.

The environmental crime of the 21st century is underway and nothing can stop it. The Great Barrier Reef is almost completely enveloped by stifling industry with devastating consequences on the reef’s diverse fauna and the living coral. In this timely tale the challenges encountered by dolphins and whales, dugongs and sea turtles, manta rays, sharks and tropical reef fish weave a surprising plot of drama and bravery.

The masterly crafted plan of action due to the marine animal’s determination and resolve, confidently navigates the life boat towards a more inclusive world of freedom and peace. Nothing compares to a new groundswell of promise and hope.

Hope for coral. Hope for the reef and hope for the world.

The Art of Jeremy Reed


Coral:How one dolphin and 10,000 whales saved the Great Barrier Reef

Dive right into the stunning world of sea life artist Jeremy Reed! AS you explore the colorful paintings and sculptures, you will gain insight as to how this artist got his start and where he found his passion! Vibrantly illustrated throughout, you will get a feel of the thrilling adventure in art as you browse through each page.

Included in this book is Jeremy's stunning sea life art, as well as other collections he has produced through the years. Learn about the medium he has pioneered- the incredible facial tissue sculptures!

All of this and more await you in this fantastic book. It comes in hardcover with dust jacket.

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Print Length: 151 pages
Publisher: New Pacific Publishing
Publication Date: November 3, 2018
Language: English