Capture the Passion with vibrant artwork from award winning artist Jeremy Reed

Now living on the southwest Florida Coast with his wife, Tabitha, Jeremy is thrilled to be so close to his inspiration. He looks forward to continuing to explore the wondrous underwater world through his art, sharing the ocean with all to enjoy and value. 

Whether its his love of the ocean, the art of dance, or any number of his other subjects, collectors from around the world have eagerly sought out his stunning work. Jeremy's goal is to continue to help others not only see the beauty of the world around us, but to feel it.

About the Artist & His Artwork

Jeremy Reed

is a self taught, award winning artist originally from the Cleveland, Ohio area, who is known for his vibrant acrylic paintings and his stunning sculptures created from facial tissue.

Having a strong passion for life and the beauty it contains, he carefully tries to convey this passion in every piece he creates. He firmly believes that art is more that something that hangs on the wall or mantle, but an exploration of the world around us, as well as within us.
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Incredibly Detailed, Incredibly Unique Facial Tissue Sculptures.Why sculpture facial tissue? Why not? In creating his own medium, Jeremy has discovered ways of using common facial tissue (Kleenex) to create magnificent works of art.

Each sculpture starts as a wooden base and a single coat hanger for support.  Then facial tissue is dipped into a glue mixture he has specially mixed, and then clumped onto the wire support. He then continues to mold and layer, sculpting as he goes. As the glue mixture hardens, additional layers are built up until the proper shape is finally realized.

The final sculpture dries hard enough to sand and carve in the details. To finish it off, each sculpture is then meticulously painted in acrylics. Pioneering this medium, Jeremy feels it allows him, in
ways, to go beyond what sculpting clay and working in papier-mâché can offer him. As a result, he is able to create truly unique and creative pieces of fine art.